Sliotar always welcomes booking requests. To contact general booking and management Email: or Tel: +353-87-247 6034

Sliotar is an independent band and proud of it, so when you call you will be talking to J.P.

For Booking in Denmark and Czech republic Email: or Tel: +45-20481509

Sliotar Stage Plan

Sliotar Technical Rider

Note: Sliotar tour in Europe on a regular basis, if you have an event or venue with flexible dates, we can offer good value deals if it is as part of our tour. On tour we have our own back-line and can provide a sound system where required. We also travel to individual concerts by plane but in this case the organizer will need to provide the sound system and back line. Details on the required back-line can be found at SLIOTAR TECHNICAL RIDER

Here are some words from the press.

“Monday with the Silotar Trio “There was powerful, honest and modern Irish folk music to be heard this Monday in the Frank-Loeb Carre. The Trio made sure to impress the crowds here in Landau after a four-week European concert tour before they made their way back home to Dublin.” “Anyone who witnessed the energy of the Silotar trio can have absolutely no doubts that the Irish nation is not forgotten because the folk music was brought to life again. The Landau crowd was demanding “one more” as the concert was coming to an end and was given some mighty seconds!””
– Brigitte Schmalenberg, DIE RHEINPFALZ (Aug 12, 2010)

“Cirque de Sliotar Whoa! We thought at first it was an acoustic “Who” with the uilleann pipes doing the Rodger Daltry part. But no, it was the high-energy Sliotar giving it some wellie; which they continue to do through the whole album. More like ‘ear-grabbing’ folk music than the finger-in-the-ear ballad and chorus style. Definitely lively & well worth a listen. ”
– All Celtic Music

“Cirque de Sliotar It’s said that this group’s true nature is best displayed in their live shows, but, laying an ear to The Drunken Landlady and its banshee swift flight of fancy, I’m not sure my heart could take that much lightning brilliance, so I may well have to avoid this ultra-talented trio if they make it to L.A. Once again, I’m really not all that nuts about Irish / Celtic / Gaelic musics despite my genetic background (Armstrong on my mother’s side), but, sweet Saint Paddy, I’ll have to be changing my tune awfully damned fast if I keep running across material like this. ”
– Mark S. Tucker , Acoustic music

“Bi Liom Bi “Sliotar’s identity is firmly rooted in the triumvirate of whistles, pipes and bouzouki, which drives its pace with dogged tenacity. There’s no doubting the trio’s technical skill, nor their ability to pen a mean tune or two.”
-Siobhán Long, The Irish Times

“From Dublin comes a refreshing blend of Irish traditional folk/rock fusion that separates itself from many groups now performing this now popular genre. These are 11 great tracks of authentic Irish fare. If you are looking for the real deal, look no further. ”
– Jason Walsh, AMP Magazine

“Cirque de Sliotar ‘WOW!’ was my first impression when I put on this CD, people still making and pushing Irish music in this day and age amazes me! I really thought Ireland had caught up in the world wind of global modernisation and Irish Trad was out dated. How wrong I was?? The fact that this band Sliother are still playing the nations music with such originality is incredible as well as bringing in old traditional songs with modern compositions, is pure genius. The band consists of, Des Gorevan on the percussion and drums, J.P Kallio does vocals, guitar, bouzouki and kantele, while Ray MacCormac whistles, sings and plays the Uilean Pipes. They perform in the Porterhouse in Dublin regularly and tour around Europe. It is worth seeing them live. Their album ‘Cirque de Sliotar’ should be blasting from the stereos in Irish pubs up and down the country, or playing in your car whilst you drive through Irelands breath taking landscape, well what’s left of it. Well-done lads! ”
– Laura McGlynn,

“Cirque de Sliotar “The Cirque de Sliotar finally captures the contemporary folk-rock sound that is all too obvious at the band’s gigs. The fast tracks were our favourites. Listening to them, it is easy to picture concert goers jumping to their feet much the same way Horslips inspired an earlier generation with their mix of traditional and modern.” “Tracks like Lupo, Cirque de Sliotar, Bum Chuck, The Wall of Liscarrol and Drunken Landlady will liven and improve the mood at any gathering.” ”
– Raidió Idirlín

“Crew of three “FIRST HEARING: A flute-led jig set that grows o-so-slowly but deliberately, and makes an interesting change from a full ahead set of reels. Sliotar are a trio of traditional based musicians who are new to us but certainly impressed with this CD. “”
– All Celtic Music

“Crew of three “The music is traditional Irish, and this crew of three makes the most of its limitations. They manage to mobilize a bigger and fuller sound than many a band that has twice their size. The instrumental tunes are arranged in a highly original manner, with interesting twists and turns. The choice of songs is excellent” “Sliotar’s music is pure strong stuff.” ”
– Walkin’ T:-)M, Folk World

“Bi Liom Bi From the first moment you through the disk in the player and hear this superb sound that fills the room you know this review with be a pleasurable experience. This is an album full of great traditional music, this is a young band with a mature sound yet with all the vibrancy that comes with young musicians, the quality of the playing is outstanding pipes guitars, whistles and drums blend as one as if all born from the same seed. ”