Somewhere back at the dawn of time when Sky News was not reporting yet, the Celts decided to leave Moravia and head for Ireland. Somewhere along the way the Pilsner turned into Stout and a bit over 2600 years later Sliotar was born. In the middle of the Celtic Tiger Des, Ray and Klaus started playing regular gigs in The Porterhouse in Dublin. At the same time over in Finland a Nordic viking spirit was awoken and J.P. packed his bags an headed south west following the aroma of roasted barley. Eventually Klaus had to call it a day as the “lifestyle of Sliotar” was just too much for him. So in the midst of another rainy Dublin afternoon Des came to a pub where J.P. was playing and asked if he wanted to do a gig the next day. Sixteen years, five albums and thousands of concerts later, Sliotar is still here and going stronger than ever.

On their 2012 summer tour Sliotar had special quest, a bass player Tomek (the Funky monkey) Jastrzebski with them for most of the tour.

Sliotar  recordings:
Porterhouse Sessions 1998
Bi Liom Bi 2001
Crew of Three 2006
Cirque de Sliotar 2008
Fine Friends 2012
Sliotar also featured on the compilation CD Ostravy
Here is a list of our past concerts, (the ones we can remember) Sliotar has done over 2000 concerts up to date;

Folkwoods festival Eindhoven 2003 and 2009
Keltska noc, Czech 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, 2013
Prazdniny v Telc, Czech 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, 2013
Namest na Oslavou, Czech 2003,2006
Kurim Celtic night, Czech 2003,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, 2013
Lughnasad, Czech 2009,2012
Bundan Celtic Festival, Italy 2013
Travissium Celtica, Italy 2006
Pomarku Irish festival, Finland 2003
Rytmiraide festival, Finland 2011
Steirisch Irisch Keltisch festival, Austria 2008, 2010, 2012
Zweibrucken irish folk and rock festival, Germany 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010
Zweibrucken stad fest 2011
Paddy goes east celtic rock festival, Germany 2003
Green farm festival, Germany 2009, 2012
Romerbergfest, Germany 2007
Bray festival, Ireland 2003,2004,2005,2006
Arklow festival, Ireland 2005
Island Music Festival, Northern Ireland 2005
Jacob’s Ladder Folk Festival, Israel 2005
Folk festival Homburg 2010

Folk clubs:

Den Exter, Belgium
Brussella folk club, Belgium
T’Ey, Belgium
Muziekpublique, Belgium
Heksenketel, Belgium
Fiddlersgreen, Austria

Venues and Pubs:

The Porterhouse Temple bar, Ireland
The Porterhouse Bray, Ireland
The Porterhouse Central, Ireland
The Porterhouse Glasnevin, Ireland
Dew Drop inn, Ireland
Shirley Arms, Ireland
Comerford’s, Ireland
The Norseman, Ireland
The Leeson longe, Ireland
UCD, Ireland
The Cobblestone, Ireland
The Brandons, Ireland
Clearys department store, Ireland
Guinness store house, Ireland
Croke park, Ireland
O’Donnoghues, Ireland
Ballyknockan Inn, Ireland
O’Donnell’s Irish Pub, France
The Connemara, France
Le Middle age, France
Café U Kocourka, Czech
Penzion u Konicka, Czech
Vagon club, Czech
Zach’s, Czech
O’Hara, Czech
Cafe Concerto, Austria
Irish rover, Austria
Paddys Irish Pub, Austria
Harlekin-Pub, Germany
James Joyce, Germany
SNUGGEL´s, Germany
Kanalmuhle, Germany
Zur Gemutlichkeit, Germany
Killarney, Germany
Quetschkommod, Germany
Kilian’s, Germany
Kennedy’s, Germany
Neues Schutzenhaus, Germany
Oscar Wilde,Germany
The Old Emerald Isle, Germany
Garniers Keller, Germany
Dudelsack, Germany
Shamrock, Germany
Leo Blooms, Israel
Molly Blooms, Israel
Irish house, Israel
Yellow submarine, Israel
Animal Farm, Israel
Indika, Israel
Gordon Inn, Israel
O’Ceallaigh, Holland
O’Fiach Irish pub, Belgium
The Porter House, Belgium
The Irish Inn Wenduin, Belgium
The Black Stuff, Luxembourg
Fjordkroen, Denmark
Ryan’s irish pub, Denmark
Østerkroen, Denmark
Irish pub, Denmark
Arne B, Denmark
Admiralen, Denmark
Rob Roys, Denmark
Irish house, Denmark
Sct. Georg Gilderne Lunde, Denmark
Randers Bryghus, Denmark
Andy de ville, Denmark
Fox and Hound. Denmark
Gyngen, Denmark