St. Patrick’s Day

It is getting to that time of the year again. We are all going to dress up in green, paint shamrocks on our face and prepare ourselves to drink our own body weight of stout, whether it is in your local Irish pub, or you actually make the pilgrimage to Ireland for the magical day that is St. Patrick’s day.

Sliotar’s St. Patrick’s day set in The Porterhouse in Dublin is the stuff of legends. Many Irish bands travel the world to celebrate this special day in exotic places, but Sliotar has been loyal to their home venue for nearly two decades. And this year is no different. Sliotar will be performing a four day stretch in The Porterhouse. And here’s the details:

Sliotar St. Patrick’s day fest in The Porterhouse

17th of March 3-8pm

18th of March 9-11pm

19th of March 9-11pm

20th of March 6-9pm


Hope to see many of you there, and if you can’t make it, hope you have a great St. Patrick’s day where ever you are 🙂


The Best St. Patrick’s day party in Dublin :-)

Here’s the thing, the best party is a subjective thing. But I’ll guarantee this will be a recipe for a one hell of a day 😉 If you are lucky enough to be spending your St. Patrick’s day in Dublin, here’s what I suggest. You possibly have had a few drinks the night before and you have a long day ahead of you, so let’s sort out a great breakfast first. This coffee shop is one of my regular spots, The Busyfeet & coco cafe at the corner of a South William street and Chatham row. They do great breakfast and good coffee 🙂

Then Make sure you make it to the north side of the Dame street (Temple bar side) before the parade starts. Head in front of the central bank building, this is a good spot to watch the parade pass by. Also the Foggy Dew is just there, great pub to pop in for your first pint of the day, if you get cold. The parade usually runs about two hours and it is great. My favourite is always the visiting marching bands.

After the parade most of the Temple Bar gets pretty busy. So just before it is over I recommend you make your way to the Ha’penny Bridge inn. This is another pub most tourists miss. It is a great pub.

From here you should make your way to the north of the river. As I said it is going to be a long day, so I recommend some lunch. Head to the Millennium walkway, just behind the Jervis centre. Here you will find the Boojums burrito bar. There will be queue, but it will be worth the wait, I promise 😉

And after your launch it is time to head back in to the Temple bar and in to The Porterhouse, where Sliotar will be performing from 5-11pm our legendary St. Patrick’s day set. Get your self a pint of plain and head upstairs before it gets too packed to get in 🙂 This is always a great spot with a great party atmosphere, but just that little bit more civilised than most places around the area.

And if you last the night, I recommend you try a Lamb donner from the Zaytoon’s across the road. Hope to see you in The Porterhouse

J.P. Kallio from Sliotar

February, is it?

So February is here already. The year seems to had a flying start. The Temple Bar Tradfest came and went. Big thank you to all of you who came to see us, it was a lot of fun. Here in Dublin the weather is feeling that extra bit wintery, but the Six nations rugby is about to kick off. This has always made for some great weekends in The Porterhouse.

Also the St. Patrick’s day is getting closer. Sliotar’s monster set in The Porterhouse is stuff of legends 😉 You haven’t really experienced St. Patrick’s day until you have spent it with us in The Porterhouse. The exact details will be posted soon in Facebook and Twitter, so keep your eyes open 🙂

The work on our summer tour is going full steam a head and all will be revealed in due time. But for now, keep your selves warm and have a lovely February!

J.P. from Sliotar

Sliotar 2014 Summer tour


Sliotar will be on the road again this summer 🙂 And we will be returning to some of our favourite Festivals, Clubs and even few pubs. We have had a very busy spring here in Dublin, but now we are hungry to be on tour and can’t wait to see you all again. Feel free to share the poster on your social media sites and spread the good word 😉 Roll on the road!
J.P. from Sliotar

Sliotar live in Telc 2013

I think this song is close to all our hearts. Thanks you so much to every one who came to see us on our summer tour this year. Even though we did not get to play in as many places as we were hoping, still amazing 18000 people came to share the party with us! Thank you 🙂 Plans for next year are already in full swing 😉