Clans in Ireland and Sliotar newsletter

By Erakis - Own work, Public Domain, the way up to the 17th century Irish society was based on a Clan system. These days due to the popularity of films like the Brave Heart, which by the way was filmed in Ireland, majority of people associate the clans with Scotland. However this was the very heart of Irish society from the ancient times. Only when the English common law was forced on Ireland, were the natives disarmed of clans and lordships.

The Clans in Ireland consisted of those related through blood, but also clan members could be adopted and fostered into the clan. You could also have people join the clan for strategic reasons for example safety or combining resources and land. In another words clan was a community. The clan adapted to serve the needs of the community as required. The ruling structure of the clan, ruled by a Chief or Clan Council, changed according to the needs and quality of their membership.

Photo by Petr KupkaSo why am I telling you this? Well there is a good reason. For the past years touring with Sliotar, no matter where we go, I have noticed a community around us. It is a great privilege and honour for us as a band to be part of this. Playing so many years in a band you go through highs and lows. I can tell you in Sliotar the highs have been immensely high, but we also have had our fair share of lows. After talking to so many of you during the tours, I have become to realise that many of you would like to help us along the way. Many of you would like to be officially part of this community. So we have decided to start building our own clan.

If you feel a connection with Sliotar’s music, enjoy our shows and would like to be part of our clan please sign up below. We will work very hard to make sure we offer the best possible experience for our clan members, so you will only hear from us when we think we have something worth writing about. And you guys will be the first ones to hear about any new exiting announcements, and from time to time we will be ask your opinions and ideas as well. So get involved and join the Sliotar clan today.

Keltska Noc Celtic festival

Picture of Sliotar at the 2017 Keltska Noc festivalKeltska Noc is the biggest Celtic festival in the Czech Republic and they are becoming fast an important feature in the European Celtic music scene. Last Saturday we performed our 15th show at this wonderful festival. It is always a special show for us as a band. I still remember back in 2002 while we were playing a small local festival in Denmark, we met a blond haired saxophone player who always seemed to have a smile on his face. We made a friend that summer night, and little did we know that our paths would always be twined.

Those of you who have been at the Keltska Noc festival, you probably already guessed that I am talking about Tomas Somr. Tomas is someone we all call a good friend. He painstakingly has built the festival from a small idea to a globally recognised event. With the festival growing, the team around the festival has grown as well. And we feel lucky and honoured to call most of that hardworking team our friends as well.

For those of you who were wondering, yes the power did go at the end of our this years show at the Keltska Noc. The thing about festivals is that there is an allocated time slot for every act and we were only about one minute away from the end of our set. So for us to continue after the power got sorted would have taken time away from all of the performers after us, and that would have not been fair. Sliotar considers the musicians, dancers and all the other acts on the European celtic music scene as a community, which we are very proud to be part of. So us and the organisers mutually agreed that it was best for us to stop at that point. We hope you guys understand and still enjoyed the show, we had great time!  Thank you to Bobbie Šafranová for the photos from our show!

J.P. from Sliotar

St. Patrick’s Day

It is getting to that time of the year again. We are all going to dress up in green, paint shamrocks on our face and prepare ourselves to drink our own body weight of stout, whether it is in your local Irish pub, or you actually make the pilgrimage to Ireland for the magical day that is St. Patrick’s day.

Sliotar’s St. Patrick’s day set in The Porterhouse in Dublin is the stuff of legends. Many Irish bands travel the world to celebrate this special day in exotic places, but Sliotar has been loyal to their home venue for nearly two decades. And this year is no different. Sliotar will be performing a four day stretch in The Porterhouse. And here’s the details:

Sliotar St. Patrick’s day fest in The Porterhouse

17th of March 3-8pm

18th of March 9-11pm

19th of March 9-11pm

20th of March 6-9pm


Hope to see many of you there, and if you can’t make it, hope you have a great St. Patrick’s day where ever you are 🙂