10 Reasons why you cannot miss Sliotar at this years Keltska Noc festival

sliotar keltska noc big stage

No doubt about it that Keltska Noc is one of Sliotar‘s favourite festivals ever! Since the very first time we played at the festival back in 2003, we look forward to it every year. But enough about us. Let’s look at 10 Reasons why you cannot miss Sliotar at this years Keltska Noc festival, when it once again comes along on the 20th and the 21st of July 2018.

1. Celtic community

Are you a bit like us? Do you feel somehow lost in the modern society? Do you feel a need to belong, but just don’t know to what, or where? Then you got to check out Keltska Noc in Plumlov! For one weekend as soon as you enter from the gates of the Camping Zralok into the festival grounds, you feel like you have found your long lost tribe. It is a feeling that is hard to describe, but you just got to experience it.

2. Celtic music

The lineup at the Keltska Noc festival has always been a great one, but this year the performers come from far and wide. The Friday night headliners Celkilt come from France and have built a massive reputation as a party band for themselves in the Celtic music scene. I have no doubt they will lift off the roof of the Moravian Summer night. Also our old and dear friends Tomas Kocko & Orchestr always deliver a fantastic show. Their Moravian folk music has built a reputation for them far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. Also, our great friends Poitin from Plzen will be there, who also have been making a lot of noise in the international Celtic music circuits in the past few years. And Akada‘s fire show is always amazing!!!

On Saturday there is a full day of music! Our old friends Tradish from Denmark, Celtica Pipes Rock from Austria, and Celtic pole dancing… Do we need to say more? Oh yeah, and Sliotar 😉

3. Moravian beer

Well, you just simply cannot go thirsty in Moravia, with some of the best beers in the world all around the festival grounds. Nothing quenches thirst like this nectar of gods, new and old. It is refreshing, and its golden colour is beautiful. It is history, culture and tradition in a glass. And when the temperatures of Moravian summer creep up closer to 30 degrees, and the electrolytes are running out of your body, nothing replenishes them better than the good Moravian beer.

4. Slivovice

slivoviceSlivovice is a Moravian plumb brandy. This stuff is mostly homemade and has an EU exception as it is an important part of the cultural heritage in the region. Basically, people grow plumbs in their garden and then bring them to their local distillery, who turn the fruits into Slivovice. Many of the festival-goers bring their own variety, and there is always someone who wants to share with you a shot. It is strong! It is not to everyone’s taste, and there are noticeable differences in the varieties. But when it is good, it is really good! But don’t forget to consume it sensibly 😉

5. Moravian people

Throughout the years Sliotar has made an endless amount of friends in Moravia. Moravian people are just simply put amazing people!

6. Natural Amphitheatre

Keltska Noc groundsThe grounds of the Keltska Noc festival are a natural amphitheatre. No matter where you are in the festival area, you will get a good view of the stage. Behind the stage, on the other side of the water reservoir, you have a beautiful backdrop of the Plumlov castle, and all the other sides the festival grounds are surrounded by beautiful forest. As the grassy area of the hill is on a slope, even after a short summer shower, the ground dries up in no time at all. And at the top of the hill is the camping site, where guests can pitch their tents and get a little bit rest, just that little bit away from the hustle and bustle of the festival. It simply is a stunning surrounding for a festival that you only can take in by being there.

7. New Sliotar Album

Sliotar VoyageAnd here comes the big news. Sliotar will have our brand new album “Voyage” available at the festival! You guys have been asking for it for a few years now, and we finally will deliver. It has been a full year in planning and making. For us, the album would never be completely ready until we arrived with it to Keltska Noc, as this festival has been such a cornerstone of Sliotar annual schedule for over a decade and a half now.  We strongly do believe that “Voyage” is the best Sliotar album to date and we cannot wait to hear what you guys think about it the music and the stories. With its over 30 page booklet, you will have something to read as well between the festival acts. So when you get your hands on the album, please let us know what you think.

8. Late night sessions

The festival program might stop around 2am, but the music does not! Many of the festival artists and guests get together and keep the party going all through the night, Jeremy you know I am talking about you!

9. Best small big festival

Keltska Noc Sound engineerKeltska Noc has a fantastic looking stage, great lights and one of the best festival sounds we have ever experienced!!! Everything runs so smooth, the organisers know what they are doing, and you can feel it.

10. Best big small festival

Even with several thousand festival-goers, you feel like you get to meet everyone at the festival. I often see people leaving the festival area when I am drinking my morning coffee at the reception bar, and you can see people saying goodbyes to all the people around them, even though few days before, they had never met. You have got to take our word for it, Keltska Noc is one amazing festival that you don’t want to miss. Get your tickets HERE. Also check out the Facebook event HERE.

So we hope to see you guys at the festival, maybe share a beer or something stronger with you, catch up on how your year was and just have a good old laugh amongst the friends.  And in the meantime, don’t forget to keep it Celtic!

J.P. from Sliotar