Keltska Noc Celtic festival 2017

Keltska Noc celtic festival is the biggest Celtic festival in the Czech Republic. They are becoming fast an important feature in the European Celtic music scene. Last Saturday we performed our 15th show at this Keltska Noc Celtic festival crewwonderful festival. It is always a special show for us as a band. I still remember back in 2002 while we were playing a small local festival in Denmark. We met a blond haired saxophone player who always seemed to have a smile on his face. We made a friend that summer night, and little did we know that our paths would always be twined.


Those of you who have been at the Keltska Noc festival, you probably already guessed that I am talking about Tomas Somr. Tomas is someone we all call a good friend. He painstakingly has built the festival from a small idea to a globally recognised event. With the festival growing, the team around the festival has grown as well. And we feel lucky and honoured to call most of that hardworking team our friends as well. You guys know who you are and I would just like to let you know Sliotar really appreciates everything you guys do!


For those of you who were wondering, yes the power did go at the end of our 2017 show at the Keltska Noc. The thing about festivals is that there is an allocated time slot for every act. And we were only about one minute away from the end of our set. For us to continue after the power got sorted would have taken time away from all of the performers after us, and that would have not been fair. Sliotar considers the musicians, dancers and all the other acts on the European celtic music scene as a community, which we are very proud to be part of. It was us and the organisers who mutually agreed that it was best for us to stop at that point. We hope you guys understand and still enjoyed the show, we had great time! Thank you to Bobbie Šafranováfor the photos from our show!


J.P. from Sliotar