2017 Sliotar summer tour vlogs

Through out the 2017 Sliotar summer tour I had a camera with me. Some of you know I film vlogs, and have been doing so already for few years on my personal YouTube channel. This summers tour made 11 episodes of vlogs and hopefully it gives you a good “behind the scenes” look at what Sliotar tour looks like.

One of the best tours ever

We have everything here. Starting from driving through a thunderstorm in the dark. Then we captured the wonderful Keltska Noc festival with from some of the wonderful music to all the way to to the afterparty. We travel to Prague where Sliotar had a night off with some great Jazz, and our show at the Vagon club with the wonderful Hakka Muggies. Our Plzen show at the Zach’s pub due to the weather turned into a very intimate show. And even though the weather still didn’t give us a break in Kurim, the night with the Clan Hannigan was just magic. Just when we thought we would have a night off, we got a last minute call from our manager. There was another local celtic festival in trouble, due to a band canceling last minute. Sliotar was glad to help. And last but not least the wonderful Prazdniny v Telci, which has a special place in our hearts.

So why do I do this?

Why do I sped hours of filming, documenting and editing our journey? Two reasons. First, we feel a strong connection with our audience at the live shows. We spend hours talking to people after the shows. Now we want to make that connection even stronger. You guys come to the shows with open hearts, and in return we want to share with you guys ours. But also from a selfish point of view, I make these tour vlogs because I would love to see some of my favourite artists share similar material. So it makes sense for me to do it.

It is all here in a YouTube playlist, which makes almost a feature length documentary. So grab some popcorn, crack open a beer. It does not get much more real than this!

J.P. from Sliotar