Clans in Ireland and Sliotar newsletter

Clans in IrelandAll the way up to the 17th century Irish society was based on a Clan system. These days due to the popularity of films like the Brave Heart, which by the way was filmed in Ireland, majority of people associate the clans with Scotland. However this was the very heart of Irish society from the ancient times. Only when the English common law was forced on Ireland, were the natives disarmed of clans and lordships.


The Clans in Ireland consisted of those related through blood, but also clan members could be adopted and fostered into the clan. You could also have people join the clan for strategic reasons for example safety or combining resources and land. In another words clan was a community. The clan adapted to serve the needs of the community as required. The ruling structure of the clan, ruled by a Chief or Clan Council, changed according to the needs and quality of their membership.


So why am I telling you this? Well there is a good reason. For the past years touring with Sliotar, no matter where we go, I have noticed a community around us. It is a great privilege and honour for us as a band to be part of this. Playing so many years in a band you go through highs and lows. I can tell you in Sliotar the highs have been immensely high, but we also have had our fair share of lows. After talking to so many of you during the tours, I have become to realise that many of you would like to help us along the way. Many of you would like to be officially part of this community. So we have decided to start building our own clan.


If you feel a connection with Sliotar‘s music, enjoy our shows and would like to be part of our clan please sign up below. We will work very hard to make sure we offer the best possible experience for our clan members, so you will only hear from us when we think we have something worth writing about. And you guys will be the first ones to hear about any new exciting announcements, and from time to time we will be ask your opinions and ideas as well. So get involved and join the Sliotar clan today.