Sliotar Tour Update 1

Sliotar Keltska Noc 2019

Oh boy, has it been a hectic week! My apologies for not being able to write anything before this, but here it is, Sliotar Tour Update 1.  The midpoint of this summers tour is nearly here. We had a fantastic show last Wednesday in the wonderful Zach’s pub in Plzen. As always we got to see some old friends and made some new ones. We sure do love that venue. Big Thank you to Karel once again for having us.

We also got our hands on the very first physical copies of our new album!!! It is so beautiful, even if I say so myself. I believe the Irish & Celtic Podcast is going to start previewing some tracks from the album this week, so keep an eye on it 😉 Also we will sort out the online orders as soon as I have a day I can sit down and set it all up. Please be patient, the tour is crazy!

It is Monday evening as I write this and I am sitting in my hotel room bed in Jihlava. We only left the Camp Zralok, where the wonderful Keltska Noc festival happened over the Friday and Saturday. This years festival was just unreal! Friday’s highlights for us were the wonderful Poitin, TOMÁŠ KOČKO & ORCHESTR, Celkilt and Happy to Meet. But every band seemed to be performing just a killer sets this year.

Then on Saturday, we got to see our old friends Tradish from Denmark, The Vintage Wine, who just rocked the hot early afternoon set. Also, we were very impressed with Lua and Deloraine, who we hadn’t heard before. We were expecting nothing less than a rocking show from Celtica and they delivered. And Selfish Murphy did a blinder of a show to wrap up the festival and kept the crowd going to the early hours of Sunday morning.

Keltska Noc 2018

Of course, there was the Sliotar show. And boy did we have fun! I have mentioned this before, but we feed on the energy from the audience. We could feel you guys from right in front of the stage to the hill of Keltska Noc, which was filled all the way to the top. You guys made the night and we loved every moment of it. It was one of those years when the stars just lined perfectly. The weather was great, the organisers ran the show like a clockwork, without still forgetting to have fun as well, and the sound was simply amazing. For us, this was the best Keltska Noc so far. May there be many more.

Now after charging our batteries, we will be heading to Prague. We’ll be playing there with the wonderful Hakka Muggies in the Vagon Klub 24th of July 8.30pm Read more about the show HERE.

Then on Thursday the 26th of July we will be in the beautiful Kurim Castle with Tradish. Read more about it HERE.

Saturday we will be performing at the Lughnasad in Nasavrky. We loved the festival so much, that we are going down there already on Friday to soak in the atmosphere. Check out our post about the festival HERE.

And the last show of the tour will be at the beautiful Prazdniny v Telci festival. Check it out HERE.

But right now, I need to catch a few hours of sleep. I will talk to you all soon. And don’t forget to keep it Celtic!

J.P. from Sliotar