Top 5 reasons what makes Sliotar’s show at the Vagon Klub so special

Top 5 reasons what makes Sliotar's show at the Vagon Klub so special

On Tuesday the 24th of July 2018 Sliotar will be playing a double bill show with our good friends the Hakka Muggies in the Vagon Klub in Prague. I know we all have endless amounts of excuses why not to attend a mid-week show in a cellar venue in a big city in the middle of the summer. I mean, why not drink your beer somewhere outside? And you might have to get up for work the next morning. But let me tell you the top 5 reasons what makes Sliotar’s show at the Vagon Klub so special, and you will understand why this is the one show in Prague this summer you don’t want to miss.

1. Hakka Muggies

We still remember like it was yesterday when the very first time we heard Hakka Muggies sound check at the Keltska Noc festival. When Martin stepped on to his vocal microphone and sang through a scale that ended with a roar that spread through the village of Plumlov and the surrounding countryside like a call of an ancient Celtic warrior, we knew these guys had something special. Their mixture of Celtic folk and metal is something amazing! We are looking forward to hearing their set as much as we are looking forward to playing ours.

2. Back to the roots

Many of you might not know, but the musical background of Sliotar is very much in rock clubs like the Vagon Klub. Both Des and J.P. grew up playing in rock and punk bands in clubs much like the Vagon Klub. There is something that makes us feel at home. In clubs like these, we feel like it is back to the early days, and we end up working twice as hard to win over the very last member of the audience in the club.

3. New Sliotar album

If you haven’t heard yet, Sliotar have their brand new album “Voyage” coming out, and it will be available on the night in the Vagon Klub. We are very proud of this one and can’t wait for you guys to hear it.

4. Intimate show

In club gigs like the Vagon Klub things get intimate. The band is much closer to the audience. When we get off the stage, we are among you guys. The band and the audience become one. It will get hot, it will get intimate. And it is in places like these when you will get an extra special show out of Sliotar.

5. Hang with the band

And because of how intimate the venue is, what we do after the show is going to the bar. So why not have a beer or two with us after the show? Vagon Klub is the place to do this.

So as you can see, you just simply don’t want to miss our show at the Vagon Klub this summer. You can check out the Facebook event for more info HERE. And as always, don’t forget to keep it Celtic!

J.P. from Sliotar